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What Violin Size Should I Get?

Getting the right size violin is crucial for you or your future orchestra star as the right size is easiest to handle and hold (thus making it easier to learn). Violins come in a variety of sizes (seven to be exact) depending on the player’s arm length. So grab yourself a measuring tape and let’s get to work!

First, if sizing for your child, have him/her stand up tall and extend their non-dominant hand parallel to the floor. Measure the length of the arm from neck to wrist. Take this measurement and apply to the chart below:

13 1/4 inches or less = 1/16 size
14 1/4 inches = 1/10 size
15 1/4 inches = 1/8 size
17 1/4 inches = 1/4 size
19 inches = 1/2 size
20 1/2 inches = 3/4 size
21 1/4 inches = full size aka 4/4

If you’re outfitting an ever-growing child, it’s likely you’ll be back here to measure every year or two to keep the violin right-sized to ensure an enjoyable learning and performing experience. Be sure to take advantage of our popular trade-in policy!

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