How to Choose a Violin for Your Child

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It’s happened. Your child signed up for orchestra and you’ve never played, nonetheless held, a violin in your life. That’s okay, we got you. 

We’re going to use a little violin jargon here, so if you’re new to the violin world, check out our Violin Jargon 101 article to get up-to-speed.

When entering the violin market for the first time, it’s hard to know where to start, especially when purchasing an instrument for your child. These few directives will help you feel confident when browsing our large instrument selection.


With violins ranging in price from $75 to $2 million, what should you, a brand-new violin shopper, expect to spend for a good quality student violin? We say, for a starting player, between $400-600. While there are a lot of cheap instruments being hawked online, the old adage applies here: “you get what you pay for.” A cheap violin makes an already challenging skill even harder to learn. So, give little Susie a break, and start her off with a decent instrument from a reputable brand (our favorites are Scott Cao, Howard Core, and Krutz).


The size is totally dependent on your child’s arm length and has nothing to do with skill level. You can size your child for a violin by measuring their arm length. Check out our detailed sizing guide to determine which size to get. 


Often, you will hear violin dealers talk about violin setup. Violin setup refers to the final adjustments made to the violin before it is ready to play. These adjustments are extremely important as poorly setup violins are difficult to play and tune, while properly setup violins will bring out the instrument's beautiful tone and be much easier to maintain. Additionally, it can be very time-consuming and frustrating for your child’s instructor to attempt to tune a poorly setup instrument before a class or lesson. Read about the elements of a good setup here.

Okay, mama, you’re off! With your new-found knowledge, start shopping our student outfits or, if you want to research a bit more (because making online purchasing mistakes is seriously the worst, don’t I know it) check out our other helpful articles.

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