Scott Cao 1742 Lord Wilton

Scott Cao 1742 Lord Wilton


Brand Scott Cao

Considered a masterpiece, the 1742 Lord Wilton was constructed during del Gesu's latter years.This instrument was in the possession of the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin and would become his favorite violin to play in public. A letter from Menuhin in 1974 tells how he preferred the tone of his Guaerneri over that of his Stradivari violin. Guarneri used deeply rippled, beautifully figured maple for the back, neck, and scroll. While the maple is typically used by Guarneri in his latter years, the spruce used for the top is from the same stock he had at his disposal in his early years. Guarneri finished this instrument with a golden brown varnish. The oddly cut, extended sound holes and freely cut scroll express the masters extravagant style. As with many of the violins by del Gesu, the Lord Wilton possesses great tone and response.

Original 1742 Lord Wilton Violin

Reproductions of the 1742 Lord Wilton are available in the STV 850950 and 1500 models by Scott Cao. All models of Scott Cao Violins are professionally setup and ready to play. Click here to learn more about the differences between the Scott Cao violin models. 

Scott Cao 1742 Lord Wilton Measurements:

Back Construction: One Piece
Body Length: 35.2 cm
Upper Bout: 16.8 cm
Center Bout: 11.2 cm
Lower Bout: 20.6 cm