Violin Pros - Krutz 850 Cello
Violin Pros - Krutz 850 Cello
Violin Pros - Krutz 850 Cello

Krutz 850 Cello

KRUTZ Avant instruments are crafted entirely in the Krutz Kansas City workshop by senior luthiers, many of whom learned the art of string instrument construction in Europe. All aspects of the making process are overseen by Anton Krutz. They hand-select every single piece of European and American maple and spruce used to make these instruments. The wood is then aged for five to ten years before the instrument crafting begins. Anton's own proprietary sealer and varnish are used. These instruments are then given a professional set-up by the craftsmen in the Krutz shop. KRUTZ Avant instruments utilize fully professional materials and precise specifications, which give them the strong sound and tonal flexibility desired by advanced students and rising professionals.

  • Fully Carved
  • Europan Seasoned spruce top
  • European Seasoned maple back, ribs and maple scroll
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Beautiful flame
  • Acoustically Enhanced wood sealer
  • Shaded Oil varnish
  • Ebony or Boxwood fittings
  • Professionally adjusted with Spirocore and Larsen Strings
  • Composite tailpiece w/4 fine tuners
  • Carbon fiber endpin
  • Bridge, pegs, fingerboard, nut and soundpost assembled, dressed, fitted and tonally adjusted in Krutz' Kansas City workshop.