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Höfner Model 225 "Balestrieri" Violin

Höfner Model 225 "Balestrieri" Violin

Höfner Model 225 "Balestrieri" Violin

Balestrieri model. Built on a 1755 example by Tommaso Balestrieri (c.1735-1790). Influenced somewhat by the Cremonese school by way of Pietro Guarneri and Camilli, he is regarded as one of the great makers in Mantua.

  • Ebony Parisian eye pegs and endbutton.
  • Despiau "A" level French bridge.
  • Ebony tailpiece with E tuner
  • Guarneri model ebony chinrest
  • Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold strings (silver G, loop end E).
  • 4/4 only.

Höfner Vintage Series

The Höfner Vintage Series instruments showcase the unrestrained talent of their very best makers. With years of experience and training, these geigenmachers are given the freedom to use their skill and intuition to create modern works of art inspired by the greatest Italian violins in history. The art of violinmaking was at its pinnacle in early 18th century northern Italy, spearheaded by these maestros: Antonio Stradivari, G.B. Guadagnini, Carlo Bergonzi, Francesco Ruggieri, B.G. Guarneri del Gesù, and Tommaso Balestrieri; and so these patterns are the starting point for these contemporary interpretations.

First, these artisans choose each piece of maple and spruce from Höfner’s oldest stock of tonewood, air-dried for decades. This natural aging process helps impart a maturity of tone from the start. Next, extensive study and detailed measurements of the original are used to create the outlines, archings, and thicknesses of the plates. Using finger planes, scrapers, and a keen sense of touch, there is a slow, deliberate interaction with each piece of wood which allows the maker to optimize the acoustical response. Each scroll is hand-carved with chisels and gouges to evoke the unique personality of the originals. Finally, the ground coats and varnish layers are gradually applied with specific color palettes for each model, and the resulting finish has the supple texture of a treasured heirloom.

The Höfner Story

For nearly 130 years Höfner of Germany has been producing quality string instruments and bows. Karl Höfner started the company in 1887 in Schönbach, which was the European center of its day for musical instrument production. Over the coming decades, Höfner's business grew to meet global demands, earning a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and economically-efficient working methods. Now located at Hagenau in Bavaria, Höfner uses the traditional methods of violinmaking and bowmaking, tried and true for generations, to create a wide range of instruments and bows suitable for students as well as professionals.

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