Höfner 8-4 Viola Bow (HOFB-8-4-VA) – Violin Pros
Höfner 8-4 Viola Bow (HOFB-8-4-VA)

Höfner 8-4 Viola Bow (HOFB-8-4-VA)

K. HFNER. Round "A" quality pernambuco stick. Nickel-silver mounted ebony frog with single eye, lamb leather lapping and wire winding. Solid 1-part button. Synthetic tip.

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For nearly 130 years, Höfner of Germany has been producing quality string instruments. Karl Höfner started the company in 1887 in Schanbach, which was the European center of its day for musical instrument production. Over the coming decades, Höfner's business grew to meet global demands, earning a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and economically-efficient working methods. Now located at Hagenau in Bavaria, Höfner uses the traditional methods of bowmaking, tried and true for generations, to create a wide range of bows suitable for students as well as professionals.