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Krutz 450 Violin

Krutz 450 Violin

The Krutz 450 series violins are made for players who are looking for a high quality instrument that will sound great in different environments. The build quality is very similar to the 400 series as the violins are handmade in Krutz' private workshop in Beijing and then fully setup & adjusted in the Krutz Kansas City workshop. However, the Krutz 450 series violins are unique as they use highly flamed maple and are finished with an antique, distressed look. They also feature a 1-piece highly flamed maple back and hand-selected ebony fittings. The tone of the 450 series violins is bright & warm, which will blend well with other instruments in orchestras & ensembles, but can also stand alone in solo performances. 

Krutz 450 Outfit Specifications

  • Seasoned 1-Piece Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll with High Flame
  • Seasoned Spruce Top
  • Antique/Distressed Appearance
  • Hand-Selected Ebony Fittings
  • Inlaid Purfling
  • Setup in Kansas City, USA
  • Handmade in Bejing, China
  • Oblong Hard Foam-Sided Case
  • Krutz Carbon-Woven Bow

Available Sizes

  • 4/4