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Aubert Lutherie "DeLange" AL7000 Violin

Aubert Lutherie "DeLange" AL7000 Violin


Aubert Lutherie "DeLange" AL7000 Violin

The Aubert Lutherie selects their best-aged tonewood for the “Christophe Delange” model. Extra care and effort go into the delicate handcrafting of the arching and plate graduation to produce an especially elegant model. The rich, spirit varnish is a golden brown color, yet transparent to allow the exceptional maple and spruce to come alive through its refractive ground coat. The sophisticated tonal qualities and full-bodied projection are ideal for the professional repertoire.

Each instrument has been adjusted by the maker using fine ebony fittings, a beautifully cut and fitted Aubert Deluxe bridge, and a set of Corelli Alliance Vivace strings. Additionally, each instrument comes with a Maker’s Certificate.

 The Aubert Story

The legendary name “Aubert" is recognized by every luthier and repairperson, and represents a tradition of excellence for quality French bridges. Since 1864, Aubert has earned this reputation based on their expertise in wood selection, careful aging process, and precise workmanship. This has been the same foundation for the Aubert Lutherie, a small group of French violin- makers in Mirecourt that joined Aubert in the 1980s, who use only the finest European tonewoods to craft instruments worthy of professional musicians throughout the world.

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