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Krutz 300




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The Krutz 300 series violins are made for violinists who are looking for a high quality instrument that will sound great in different environments while not breaking the bank. The 300 series instruments are handmade in Krutz's private workshop in Bejing and then fully setup & adjusted in the Krutz Kansas City workshop. The build quality is significantly better than the 200 series and the wood features a much higher flame. The tone of the 300 series violins is bright & warm, which will blend well with other instruments in orchestras & ensembles, but can also stand alone in solo performances. If you like the features of the Krutz 300 series violins but are looking for an instrument with a more antiqued & distressed appearance, consider the Krutz 400 series.

    Krutz 300 Specifications

    • Seasoned Spruce Top
    • Seasoned Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll with High Flame
    • Ebony Fittings
    • Inlaid Purfling
    • Composite Tailpiece with 4 Fine Tuners
    • Setup in Kansas City, USA
    • Handmade in Bejing, China

    Available Sizes

    • 4/4
    • Available with a 1 or 2-piece back