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The Importance of a Good Violin Setup

Not in love with your violin? Whether it's difficult to play or not producing the tone it once had, your setup is often the culprit. Setup refers to the fine-adjustments that must happen in order for a violin to play and resonate beautifully. When done correctly on a quality instrument, it brings out the best of an instrument's tone and allows it to be tuned easily. Here's why you'll hear us talk a lot about the importance of a good violin setup.

It's the easiest way to enhance your instrument.

Professional setups cost in the neighborhood of $65-90, making them an affordable investment in your playability and tone. Your luthier may adjust the soundpost position, the bridge position or recommend a bridge replacement altogether, the nut, the fit of the soundpost, fine tuners, tailpiece, and will check for any cracks and open seams. This is also a good time to replace your strings with a fresh set.

Your new violin should come set up.

Our award-winning luthiers inspect every element of our instruments before they go to the sales floor, finishing with a full setup. There's no extra cost; we think great playability should be the standard. Older violins may need an annual tuneup to maintain their sound.

Many luthiers will cater to your style.

You can ask your luthier to watch you play, so they can dial in the setup specifically to the way you play. Each player looks for something slightly different and a small shift of the soundpost can give extra volume or clarity. Not every shop offers this, so you may need to shop around if this interests you.


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