Used 2005 Kohr K550 4/4 Violin Outfit

Used 2005 Kohr K550 4/4 Violin Outfit


Brand Howard Core

This outfit includes:

  • 2005 Kohr K550 4/4 Violin
  • Doerfler brazilwood bow
  • Howard Core wood-sided oblong case

This violin is in very good condition considering its age. There are a handful of scratches and dents here and there throughout the instrument, but none of them have penetrated the varnish. There is a 1.5" long crack on the top bass side near the fingerboard that has been professionally repaired.

It would make an excellent instrument for any middle-school aged player getting into their first 4/4 violin, or an adult beginner looking for a starter instrument that is a higher quality than a typical student instrument.


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