ToneRite Service

ToneRite Service

One of the secrets of great sounding vintage instruments is the fact that they have been played-in for thousands of hours.  

The ToneRite accelerates the play-in process by using a set of sub-sonic frequencies to simulate the same physics as long term playing.  

ToneRite recommends an initial minimum service of 72 hours for a noticeable difference.

If you would like your instrument to have superior projection, we will put the ToneRite on its high setting, whereas if you would like more sweetness and warmth, it will be on the lowest setting for the duration of your service.

When you add the ToneRite service to your order, we will begin the process starting the next business day, as long as the instrument is in stock.


If you would like to arrange a ToneRite service for your personal instrument, call 1-800-380-5979 or email