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Scott Cao Da Salo




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The Scott Cao Da Salo is a remake of the violin made by Gasparo da Salò. Gaspar's violins are known for being easy to play while having a full bodied tone with strong projection. Aesthetically, the Da Salo is unique as it has fleur-de-lis pattern on the top and bottom of the one-piece back. This instrument is ideal for both orchestral & ensemble work, but can stand alone as a solo instrument with it's strong projection. Additionally, Gasparo da Salò taught the art of violin making to Giovanni Paulo Maggini who's signature violin "The Maggini" is also available from Scott Cao. 

Reproductions of the Da Salo are available in the STV 750 level. All models of Scott Cao Violins are professionally setup and ready to play. Click here to learn more about the differences between the Scott Cao violin models.