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Scott Cao 1740 Heifetz Violin STV 850 - Front View
Scott Cao 1740 Heifetz Violin STV 850 - Side View
Scott Cao 1740 Heifetz Violin STV 850 - Back View

Scott Cao 1740 Ex-David

About the Scott Cao 1740 Ex-David

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The mystery continues concerning how the Guarneri and Stradivari families managed to build instruments that, nearly three centuries later, are the preferred brands of the world's top violinists. "There are many theories about it, but nobody knows exactly," Barantschik said of the Guarnerius secret. The type of wood is an obvious possibility, but no one is certain. His model is one of about 130 remaining built by Giuseppe Guarneri of Cremona, Italy. He's also known as "del Gesu" because he added the Greek abbreviation for Jesus to his labels. Del Gesu was merely continuing the family tradition of violin making, and it wasn't until the 19th century that Guarnerius instruments became popular, according to Joseph Grubaugh, a well-respected violin maker and restorer in Petaluma. "This is not to say that we don't think of him as a genius, but I'm sure he didn't consider himself breaking new ground, Grubaugh said. "Gesus were probably first discovered maybe around 1810, where people started bringing them out of Italy, saying, `Wow!' Heifetz bought 'The David' in 1922." He played it in nearly all of his concerts and recordings.

Reproductions of the 1740 Ex-David are available in the STV 750850950 and 1500 models by Scott Cao. All models of Scott Cao Violins are professionally setup and ready to play. Click here to learn more about the differences between the Scott Cao violin models. 

Scott Cao Measurements:

Back Construction: Two Piece
Body Length: 35.4 cm
Upper Bout: 16.5 cm
Center Bout: 11 cm
Lower Bout: 20.5 cm



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