Scott Cao 1716 Medici

  • $3,600.00

About the Scott Cao 1716 Medici


Displayed at Stradivari's 250-year anniversary in Cremona in 1987. This instrument figures in Fetis's book "Stradivarius," published in 1856, as one of the makers finest works. It is not clear how this instrument became part of the Medici collection. Perhaps it was made as a replacement for one of the 1690 quintet. In the 1850's, there was a dispute concerning this instrument, where some claimed that it was a forgery by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, but its authenticity was eventually reasserted. This violin is of bold type, beautifully made with it's varnish almost undisturbed.

Reproductions of the 1716 Medici are only available as a custom order in the STV 1500 model. Normal production time for the Medici is 3-4 months. Please call us at 800.380.5979 if you have questions about this instruments availability. 

Scott Cao Medici Measurements:

Back Construction: Two Piece
Body Length: 35.7 cm
Upper Bout: 16.6 cm
Center Bout: N/A
Lower Bout: 20.7 cm
If you have any questions about the Scott Cao 1716 Medici or have any special requests for your violin, please contact us and our expert staff is happy to help.


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