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Oasis OH-14 Case Plus+ Humidifier




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Product type: Violin Accessory

Vendor: oasis

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This kit includes:

  • Refill Syringe
  • Humidifier w/ Adhesive Strip
  • Clip for Case Install

This humidifier is designed for use in drier climates (desert, mountain or frigid north) where the relative humidity is below 25%. The OH-14 Case Plus+ Humidifier attaches to the inside of your instrument case. To accomplish this, two powerful neodymium magnets are inserted in the seam of the humidifier. The magnets attach to either a steel clip or a stainless steel strip with adhesive backing (both are provided with the humidifier). The steel clip fits over the side of your case, providing a flat vertical surface to which the magnets can adhere. The neodymium magnets are strong enough to keep the humidifier attached to the clip or strip, but still allow the user to remove the humidifier with ease.

The OH-14 Case Plus+ humidifier can be used in stringed instrument cases such as violin, viola or cello by attaching the stainless steel strip to the inside of the instrument case with the double-sided tape. The steel clip and strip give the user a wide variety of ways to attach the humidifier to the case. Like all Oasis humidifiers, a 10 cc syringe for distilled water filling control is provided.