Floor Model Scott Cao STV-750 1/2 Size Stradivarius Copy

Floor Model Scott Cao STV-750 1/2 Size Stradivarius Copy

$1,125.00 $950.00

Brand Violin Pros

This floor model has never been sold, so it is still new with warranty. We've just had it in our shop for a bit longer than we'd like, so we're clearing it out! Don't miss out on this excellent value! 

The 750 series begins the Scott Cao artistic series and is the most moderately priced instrument among the artistic violins. Made in the Guangzhou workshop, the STV 750's are precise copies of famous Italian violins and are built using Chinese maple that is aged 7 years and Italian spruce. The finish is a high-quality, hand-applied Italian oil. They are fully adjusted and setup in Cao's workshop in Campbell, California.

This particular violin features an Aubert Mirecourt bridge and Dominant Strings.

This instrument is aged to look like a much older violin than it is, so there are some scratches and discoloration here and there from the manufacturer. Other than that, there are no unintentional scratches or dings to speak of.


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