Maple Leaf Strings "Duke of Cambridge" Bench Copy Violin

Maple Leaf Strings "Duke of Cambridge" Bench Copy Violin


Brand Maple Leaf Strings

Duke of Cambridge


As a copy of a transitional period Stradivarius, hints of his “grand” style instruments begin to emerge from the long pattern of his Golden Period. Though not completely transitioned, at an age of 81, Stradivarius began moving towards the wider and shorter pattern shift that begins to become evident in the rich, orange-red varnished original that this instrument mimics.

Though the original was purchased from Stradivarius by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, which established its distinguished provenance, it is also well known for other historical reasons. After being stolen from the Bott Family in 1894, it re- surfaced in 1900 after being bought from a pawn shop for only $4.


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