Floor Model Howard Core DR50 15.5" Viola

Floor Model Howard Core DR50 15.5" Viola

$2,250.00 $1,699.00

Brand Howard Core

Built in 2015, this Howard Core Dragon Viola series is a deep, strong, resonant instrument. Each viola's wood is aged for years before being built. The difference can be heard, in its nuanced and awake sound. The C string bellows, without losing its crispness. The D and A still maintain a brilliance to their tone. The instrument carries its sound loudly. This viola strong and fierce its presence center stage and in ensemble.  

As a violist/violinist, I really like the Dragon violas. They stand out amongst other instruments in the price range.  They can even help my tone be strong and loud despite my 'violin' style bow arm habits.

The Dragon "Zhonglong" instruments are made by Zhonglong Sheng of the famous Sheng family, known throughout China and the world for being highly distinguished musicians and violinmakers who take great pride in their artistic craftsmanship.

This particular instrument is a floor model that has never been purchased. It is old stock, which is the only reason we have it priced so low. We just want to make room for something new!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get an excellent viola at an excellent price.