Höfner Model 4-5 Gofriller Cello | Violin Pros
Violin Pros Höfner Gofriller Model 4-5 Cello
Violin Pros Höfner Gofriller Model 4-5 Cello
Violin Pros Höfner Gofriller Model 4-5 Cello

Höfner Gofriller Model 4-5 Cello

Höfner Gofriller Model 4-5 Cello

A unique alternative to the typical wider models by Matteo Gofriller (1659-1742), this replica has narrower upper shoulders with an outline based on the 1700 Gofriller played by Pablo Casals. Adjusted with Larsen Magnacore strings.

  • Ebony Parisian eye Swiss pegs, endpin
  • Aubert “DeLuxe” French bridge
  • Akusticus tailpiece.
  • 4/4 only.

Handcrafted from select European tonewoods, the Höfner 4-5 series cellos embody the centuries-old German tradition of violinmaking, passed down from masters to apprentices, from one generation to the next. Using time-honored techniques, the Höfner workshop under the guidance of a master maker, produce these cellos with easy response, full-bodied tone, and sonorous projection. Finished with a beautiful antique varnish which nods to the rich history of Höfner’s beginnings in Schönbach. 

For nearly 130 years Höfner of Germany has been producing quality string instruments and bows. Karl Höfner started the company in 1887 in Schönbach, which was the European center of its day for musical instrument production. Over the coming decades, Höfner's business grew to meet global demands, earning a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and economically-efficient working methods. Now located at Hagenau in Bavaria, Höfner uses the traditional methods of violinmaking and bowmaking, tried and true for generations, to create a wide range of instruments and bows suitable for students as well as professionals.