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Franz Sandner FS500A Cello




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Franz Sandner FS500A Cello

Since 1924, the German workshop of Franz Sandner has produced exceptional instruments which express a true love of music. This FS500A model is ideal for the advancing player seeking a full, robust sound with clarity in the lower registers and brilliance in the upper registers. Patiently-aged European tonewoods are carved with special care, precision, and expert knowledge. Tastefully antiqued deep brown varnish over golden ground for a classic "old German" look.

  • Parisian eye ebony pegs.
  • carbon graphite endpin.
  • Despiau "B" level French bridge.
  • Wittner tailpiece.
  • Adjusted with Larsen A & D, Magnacore G & C strings.
  • 4/4 only.
  • Made in Germany.