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Döerfler DO17 Pernambuco Bow

Döerfler DO17 Pernambuco Bow

Döerfler's Pernambuco bows use only selected woods that have been stored and dried for approximately 30 years. Thanks to its great hardness and density, this wood type is the only choice for bow making of a high standard. Pernambuco wood comes from the northern and east-central parts of Brazil. The tree from which the Pernambuco is won is called Caesalpinia echinata, also known as Pau Brasil. 


  • Pernambuco stick aged approx. 30 years
  • Octagon
  • Ebony frog with heel plate
  • Large single eye
  • Three-Part button with eye
  • Metal Blanc Winding

Döerfler violin bows bring harmony not only to the ears, but also the eyes. To be sure that these bows continue to inspire musicians, the design of a number of Döerfler bows has been optimized. To achieve a new harmonic appearance of the violin bow head, the rounding of the head's rear edge has been altered on both Brazilwood and Pernambuco bows.

The Döerfler DO17 is a great fit for advanced violinists. This bow plays well with the Scott Cao 750 and 850 Artistic Series violins.

*Many Döerfler bows are available in fractional sizes upon request