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Core Select CS4000C Rocca Cello




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Core Select CS4000C Rocca Cello

The narrower pattern is not quite 7/8, but with more slender shoulders than traditional models, the Core Select “Rocca” is very comfortable for the petite cellist, perfect for shifting into higher positions. Based on the work of Giuseppe Rocca (1807-1865), this talented maker from Turin, Italy was himself inspired by the Stradivari and Guarneri instruments of the preceding century. As the repertoire changed from the 1700s to the 1800s and musicians demanded more powerful projection, the great Cremonese models became fully appreciated during Rocca’s time for their soloistic virtues. Seasoned tonewoods and careful workmanship help give this Core Select “Rocca” a tenor voice that projects clearly. Equipped with Larsen A & D, Magnacore G & C strings.

  • Body length - 740 mm
  • Upper Bout - 335 mm
  • Lower Bout - 426 mm