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Core Select CS4000C Montagnana Cello




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Product type: Cello

Vendor: Howard Core

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Core Select CS4000C Montagnana Cello

Domenico Montagnana (1686-1750) was one of the great makers of Venice, and is especially renowned for his cellos which are as distinctive in appearance as they are in their unique tonal qualities. The wider pattern and slightly flatter archings give these cellos a deep, powerful baritone voice with a sizzling tenor range making them ideal for the world's best cellists: Yo-Yo Ma, Heinrich Schiff, Raphael Wallfisch, and Steven Isserlis among others. The Core Select "Montagnana" model is a fantastic sounding modern cello crafted in the pattern and spirit of Montagnana. Well-figured maple, even grain spruce, amber-red varnish, tastefully antiqued. Powerful projection, even balance, wide tonal palette. Equipped with Larsen Magnacore strings.

  • Body length - 745 mm
  • Upper Bout - 363 mm
  • Lower Bout - 439 mm