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Core Select CS4000C Maggini Cello




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Core Select CS4000C Davidov Cello

Authentic Stradivari cellos are still being played by the world's greatest cellists, and the 1712 “Davidov” Strad is a fine example of the “B form” cellos for which he is most famous. Played in concerts and recordings by Jaqueline Du Pre and then Yo-Yo Ma in the 20th century, it is named after the great 19th-century Russian cellist Karl Davidov, a contemporary of Tchaikovsky. This Core Select “Davidov” is a beautiful reproduction crafted with special care in the archings and graduations for a brilliant, singing quality. The well-aged tonewoods are not only beautiful, but give the player a vibrant, flexible response capable of a variety of styles. Equipped with Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold strings.

  • Body length - 755 mm
  • Upper Bout - 343 mm
  • Lower Bout - 439 mm