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Core Select CS2900G Guarneri Model Violin




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Core Select CS2900G Guarneri

The skillful workmanship and tasteful antiquing of the CS2900 model bring to life carefully seasoned tonewoods for a dynamic sound with fullness and depth. Made by the workshop of VSA Gold Medal winner Ming Jiang Zhu, the training and craftsmanship are world-class, using classical European techniques.

The Guarneri pattern gives the G-string extra power, and extra tonal dimensions throughout the registers. Boxwood fittings with Guarneri model chinrest and Aubert Mirecourt bridge. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings (loop end E). 4/4 only.

Artisanal. Small-batch. Boutique. Usually, such adjectives are associated with premium prices in the American market. However, these traits can still be found in competitively priced instruments from the Core Select Series.

Over the last 100 years, in every area where there has been a mass production of stringed instruments, a few master makers have broken away from the "factory group" and established themselves in small private workshops. Think of Germans such as Roman Teller, Rudolf Buchner, Bruno Paulus, and a few others.

Now, this has happened in China. While the factories make some very nice "step-up" instruments, a few makers who have nothing to do with the large manufacturers have established small workshops where these highly trained masters make very small quantities of artist-level instruments.

The Core Select master makers have often trained in Europe or America, and many have earned awards and medals in various global competitions. Their skill and talent are world-class. Their assistants learn the finer aspects of the craft by working alongside the master over years and years. Like anything made by hand, it's not a quick process, and to do it well takes long-term commitment and patience.