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Core Select CS2000 King Joseph


Brand Howard Core

The Core select CS2000 King Joseph is a remake of the famous violin made by Guarnerius del Gesu. The King Joseph is a star of the Fulton violin collection - a 1737 instrument so famous that it is the subject of a monograph by Chicago violin experts Bein & Fushi. This instrument was reported to be the first Guarnerius del Gesu to come to America and is considered to be one of the nine finest Guarneris in existence. The 1737 King Joseph is unique as it has a one-piece back made of slab cut wood. It is similar in shape to the "Stern" and "Joachim" which were made in the same year, but the King Joseph's workmanship is more disciplined. 

This violin is a great choice for advancing violinists who need an instrument that blend well in orchestras & ensembles while being able to stand alone in solo performances. The King Joseph is known for having a strong & resonate low end tone with strong projection. Scott Cao also makes a 1737 King Joseph replica.

    CS200 King Joseph Specifications

    • Chinese Spruce Top
    • Chinese Maple Back
    • Ebony Fittings with Guarneri Model Chinrest
    • Ebony Tailpiece with 1 Fine Tuner
    • Dominant A, D, & G strings. Pirastro Wondertone Gold E String
    • Despiau "B" Level Bridge

    Available Sizes

    • 4/4
    • 1-Piece Back


    • Body Length: 353mm
    • Upper Bout: 163mm
    • Lower Bout: 202mm