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Core Select CS10000C Stradivari Cello

Core Select CS10000C Stradivari Cello

Core Select CS10000C Stradivari Cello

The highest level Core Select cello, made of Italian spruce and Balkan maple aged 7-10 years. The sophisticated coloration and texture of the rich, transparent varnish invites the player to pick up and play the instrument, but only after drawing it close to admire its artistic appearance and craftsmanship in full detail. The sound sings and growls with the full and diverse range required by a professional or serious student. The response is immediate, the tone is balanced evenly across all strings. The master makers from this workshop have trained in Europe and America and have carefully studied the great historical Italian instruments, gaining first-hand insights into these traditional methods. Equipped with Larsen Magnacore strings and Akusticus tailpiece.

  • Body length – 752 mm
  • Upper Bout – 344 mm
  • Lower Bout – 429 mm