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Core Dragon Series DR10 Cello




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Product type: Cello

Vendor: Howard Core

Tags: body-hybrid, cello, class-beginner, class-intermediate, outfit-yes, Type_Instrument Only



Core Dragon Series DR10 Cello

An accessible introduction to the Dragon line, this affordable
yet capable instrument possesses all the qualities needed to make a fine performance level instrument: medium-dark tone, fast response and a clear,
even voice throughout. The appearance has been a hit with its moderate flaming, mildly antiqued varnish, with a medium brown to red-brown color
of medium luster giving it a naturally-worn patina.

  • Boxwood pegs.
  • Carbon fiber endpin.
  • Despiau “C” level French bridge.
  • Wittner tailpiece.
  • Adjusted with Crown strings. 4/4 size.