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Codabow Diamond GX Violin Bow




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Product type: Violin Bow

Vendor: Coda

Tags: body-hybrid, Instrument_Violin, material-carbon-fiber, Size_4/4, violin-bow



A stunning tribute to history's great performance bows, the Diamond GX delights with a tone both warm and robust, Its sophisticated acoustic core, traditional weight and balance, and high response delivers a professional, expressive bow sensitive to the subtle commands of the hand. It facilitates a wide variety of techniques, playing quick, articulated strokes as effortlessly as even, resonant, long tones. The GX blends naturally in ensembles or projects richly for soloists. Unrivaled in its class, the GX is the clear favorite of professionals of all genres worldwide. Also included is a 10-year limited warranty, so you can count on this bow for years to come.