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Alfred And Hartmut Knoll Pernambuco 305 Violin Bow




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Product type: Violin Bow

Vendor: Knoll

Tags: material-pernambuco, violin-bow



Good round stick, sterling silver wire grip, frog with eye.

Knoll Bows was founded in 1932 by Alfred Knoll (1909 - 1980). His son Hartmut Knoll (born in 1937), took over the firm in 1977. Alfred's grandson Gerald Knoll (born in 1968) took over the workshop in 2003. The company has now spanned three generations of the Knoll family as they continue the fine tradition of bowmaking in Regnitzlosau, Germany. A careful selection of woods, which have been stored for many years, as well as precise craftsmanship, exclusively performed by well trained specialists, are the most important foun- dations of Knoll's work.