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Scott Cao Artistic Series Violin Models

Scott Cao's Artistic Series violins are recreations of famous instruments used by some of history's greatest virtuosos. Each violin is an exact replica of the original inspiration instrument in size, shape, backing, and unique markings. While the size and shape of the violins are the same, Scott Cao makes the violins in different models and price points. The violin models are differentiated by wood, varnish, and fittings, along with the number and skill of the luthiers who build the instrument.  

1715 Emperor Violin |  1679 Hellier Violin |    1743 Cannon Violin | 


STV 750 Series

The 750 series begins the Scott Cao artistic series and is the most moderately priced instrument among the artistic violins. Made in the Guangzhou, China workshop, the STV 750's are precise copies of famous Italian violins and are built using 7-years-aged Chinese maple along with Italian spruce. The finish is a high-quality, hand-applied Italian oil. Our favorite 750 models include the 1713 Gibson and the 1743 Cannon.

STV 850 Series

The 850 Series instruments are the finest models made in Guangzhou Workshop. This series uses first-grade Italian spruce and 10-year-aged Bosnian maple. The fittings and fingerboards are made of Indian ebony. These models are among the top brands of violins recommended by Strings magazine. As described by the publication: "The 850 is ranked among the top quality violins not only because of its craftsmanship but because of its varnish." The 850 violins encompass a rich tonal quality and amazing projection. In terms of affordability and quality, the 850 is an absolute winner compared to similarly priced instruments. In the 850 models, check out the 1714 Soil and the 1740 Ysaye.

STV 950 Series

The 950 is hand built in combination between the Morgan Hill, California and Guangzhau workshops. The violin is built in the Guangzhau workshop, then shipped to the USA where it is varnished and setup in Morgan Hill, CA. Fifteen-year-aged, highly-flamed Bosnian Maple and aged Italian spruce is specifically chosen for the 950 series instruments. Skilled craftsmanship and artistic varnishing are hallmarks of the STV 950 series. The 1733 Kreisler and the 1737 King Joseph are definitely ones to consider.

STV 1500 Series

The 1500 series violins feature an exact copy varnish along with the highest quality Bosnian maple and Italian spruce woods aged 20+ years. The fingerboards are made of Indian ebony and have boxwood or ebony fittings. All Scott Cao 1500 series instruments are entirely built, varnished, and set up in the Morgan Hill, CA studio. Stars of the 1500 series include the 1715 Cremonese and the 1716 Provigny.


Looking for something more customized? Consider the Scott Cao Signature Series! Contact us for more information. 

Signature Series

Signature Series violins are hand crafted in the Morgan Hill, California workshop by an award-winning violin maker. Each instrument is made with hand-selected, 30-year-old+ Bosnian maple and Italian spruce. If you are having a Signature Series violin custom built, you can choose to have the finish applied to resemble your model of famous vintage instrument or have a new finished applied. The beautiful oil varnish is applied using the traditional methods perfected by the Italian master makers of centuries past.

Superior Signature Violins

Scott Cao Superior Signature Series violins are the instruments that standout as the finest Signature Series violins made. 

Scott Cao Signature Models

Scott Cao Signature Violins are instruments made by the man himself, Scott Cao. If you'd like a violin or viola made by the hands of Scott Cao, you can special order one of his models. You should expect to wait an extended period of time for your instrument as there is only one Scott Cao. However, these rare models are worth the wait as Scott's instruments are consistently recognized as some of the best in the world. The price for a Scott Cao violin starts at $25,000.