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Scott Cao 1714 Vieuxtemps




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Vieuxtemps played on this violin for over 15 years, and in his letter of 1878, he refers to it as his old friend and inseparable companion. Vieuxtemps also mentions that the violin helped him compose his D minor concerto (no.4, op.31) which was published around 1850. It is highly likely that he would have given the premiere of his 4th and 5th concertos, which date from 1850 and 1861 on this violin. The Vieuxtemps possesses an extraordinary tone, characteristic of Guarneri del Gesu violins. Somewhat darker than a typical Stradivari, its sound is rich and haunting.

Original 1714 Vieuxtemps

Reproductions of the 1714 Vieuxtemps are available in the STV 750850950 and 1500 models by Scott Cao. All models of Scott Cao Violins are professionally setup and ready to play. Click here to learn more about the differences between the Scott Cao violin models. 

Scott Cao 1714 Vieuxtemps Measurements:

Back Construction: Two Piece
Body Length: 35.2 cm
Upper Bout: 16.68 cm
Center Bout: 11 cm
Lower Bout: 20.4 cm