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Kun Solo Shoulder Rest




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Product type: Violin Accessory

Vendor: Kun

Tags: accessory, Brand_Kun, Type_Shoulder Rest



The product of two years of research, development, and
testing, the 
Solo combines pizzazz and practicality. It features
a simplified, quick-adjust finger lever that provides ultra-fine
size adjustment and eliminates screws. Greater width on the
shoulder end gives the Solo added comfort, and a new collapsing
mechanism with recessed and integrated drums means its ‘feet’
can be folded easily for storage. Patterned cut-outs in the Solo’s
sponge rubber enhance its grip on the player’s shoulder and
reduce its weight while ensuring air flow around the shoulder and neck. With its sleek, contoured body and chic two-toned design in metallic bronze and black, the Kun Solo is a dynamic and affordable addition to the Kun family of shoulder rests.