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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Violin Case

As we all know, violins are delicate instruments that need to be well protected. When choosing a case to keep your violin safe, consider these three questions:


1. How valuable is your violin?

If you’ve made a significant investment in your violin, you should choose a case that reflects and will protect this investment. You don’t want to put a $1,200 instrument in a $60 case as it will not get the protection it needs. Also, higher quality cases can be used for a long time and you will not need to replace the case when you buy a new instrument. If you have budget constraints, consider buying a less expensive case and then upgrading in the future.

2. What level of protection do you need?

Violin cases are primarily constructed of wood or fiberglass. Wood cases are the more economical choice but are less strong than fiberglass cases. Fiberglass cases weigh about the same as a wood case, but are much stronger and traditionally come with more accessories. While it is primarily the violinist’s responsibility to protect his/her violin, a strong case can provide greater assurance and protection. If the violin is being transported often or if the violin is being handled by a younger person, a stronger case is a better option. Also, some cases come with a lock, which offers more security if the case is often left in a public place, such as a school classroom or backstage.

3. What are your storage and transportation needs?

Different cases come with different accessories and compartments. If you have a lot of sheet music or bows, look for a case that can accommodate these. Often, cases have between one and four compartments and between one and four bow holders. Be sure to choose a case that meets your storage needs.

Also, if you plan to transport the violin quite a bit, consider the weight and portability of the case you buy. Options to consider would be comfortable handles and backpack straps. Also, if your travels cause your instrument to experience changes in temperature and humidity, check out cases with a thermometer and/or a hygrometer so that you can monitor the temperature and the humidity level inside the case.

Based on your answers to these questions, here are some case recommendations from ViolinPros to consider. All Bobelock cases have an arched top so that, if the case is being crushed, the case will not collapse on your instrument.

A Good Case: Bobelock 1002 Oblong Case

Bobelock 1002 Oblong CaseThe Bobelock Oblong 1002 is one of our best selling cases and sets the standard for durability, protection, and style with plenty of choices to satisfy all players. Built using a five-layered plywood construction in the traditional oblong shape, the Bobelock 1002 violin case is covered with a durable nylon canvas cover with an outside music pocket. The velour interior is available in multiple colors and features two bow holders and an accessory pocket. Available in multiple sizes, the Bobelock 1002 is a good choice for both student and advanced players.

A Better Case: Bobelock 16002 Puffy Oblong Suspension Case

Bobelock 16002 Puffy Oblong Suspension CaseFeaturing luxury and style at an affordable price, the Bobelock 16002 has a bonded velvet interior along with a brightly colored padded cover. The arched top of the case provides solid protection for up to four violin bows while the fully-suspended violin bed will protect your instrument. Additionally, this Bobelock case features a french fit body form, a hygrometer, and a large accessory pocket with a solid brass hinge. At 6 pounds, the 16002 is Bobelock's lightest oblong violin case.

The Best Case: Bobelock 1060 Oblong Suspension Case

Bobelock 1060 Oblong Suspension CaseIdeal for players who want to keep their instrument safe, the Bobelock 1060 has a luxurious velvet interior with a new-style glossy, colorful, and strong fiberglass exterior. The 1060 features a large accessory pocket, hygrometer, tough flip latches and a weatherproof valence. A unique padded slipcover comes with each case for traveling and includes a large music pocket. Fiberglass cases are known for their strength and insulation, and when teamed with the suspended violin bed, you can be sure your instrument will be safe for years to come.


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